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How to raise funds without equity

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Raising funds for a startup is a difficult task for most entrepreneurs. Making sure you don’t lose too much of your equity in the negotiations with investors is even harder. If there was only a way to raise funds without giving up equity… but there is! A variety of state and international funds offer attractive fund-raising options without the need to give up equity. In this article we will explore a few of them that are open to Israeli based Startups. The list is divided by company stage, and details: fund’s name and link, fund’s source, objectives, conditions for participation, amount offered, percent of financing (for example if it is 85%, the company has to add 15% on top of the amount offered), Repay (either, only if project is successful, or, grant, that does not require repay).

Pre-Seed – Prototype

Seed – Initial traction

Market Penetration

There are other more niche type funds offered by the Innovation authority (other programs) and by other organizations. In this article though, we focused on the main funds that are open to Israeli based startups.


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